​​When Maggie shares her family's historic and inspirational stand and journey, she not only speaks up for the unsung quality businesses that need support and the under-served communities that need economic empowerment... Maggie also presents strategic, collaborative, viable, data-driven solutions.  And she promotes those businesses and corporations that represent and reinvest in the community.  

With Maggie's educational and professional credentials, her unique story of sacrifice, the data and findings from her real-life economic experiment, and her ten years pushing and proving The Empowerment Experiment in the community, the churches, the corporate boardrooms, the classrooms...

No one can drive consumers, churches, civic groups, professional associations, chambers of commerce, large corporations, students, and small business owners to unite economically like she does!

Maggie's teaching and preaching represent and facilitate her life's purpose and the one mission of The Empowerment Experiment -

economic and entrepreneurial unity, solidarity, empowerment, justice.  

​​©  Maggie Anderson and The Empowerment Experiment, 2009-2019.   All Rights Reserved.

A sought after and prolific speaker, Maggie's speeches, lectures, sermons are as informational as they are inspirational. She always rocks the house! So many of her hosts and supporters have recorded her speeches. 

See some of Maggie's speeches here.  




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Speaking and signing are the sole sources of revenue for Maggie’s work and fund The Empowerment Experiment Foundation, the Anderson family’s  501c3.