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For 10 years, out of love for her  community and  country, Maggie has given her life to the Economic Justice and Empowerment Movement. As creator of The Empowerment Experiment, her family's historic and highly publicized stand and study only supporting Black owned businesses for an entire year, she is the leading authority on Buying Black, conscious consumerism, self-help economics, business diversity. Maggie not only talks the talk, she walks the walk, using her speeches, lectures, interviews, book, research, her inimitable inspirational story (and her own money!) to drive support to great Black owned businesses, create more economic unity, and empower struggling communities.

Maggie's Empowerment Lifestyle Tip #3

Seek and Support Black Owned Dry Cleaners!

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PBS Newshour spent a couple days with  my family to see how we made our yearlong stand an actual lifestyle after "Our Black Year" was over.  Here is the link:

That's me, in the screenshot, Maggie Anderson, walking into my Black owned dry cleaners on the West Side of Chicago.  Please watch this.  You will meet one of my favorite business owners, a dry cleaner, and he will tell you why 'Buying Black' is so important and why Black owners are too!

Ever since The Empowerment Experiment/ "Our Black Year" I've made sure to only use Black owned dry cleaners. You have to do this! This is important because 1) you support a local, usually family-owned business, 2) typically the owner works in the store, so our children, who so desperately need local role models, get to actually see a Black owner running a business, 3) dry cleaners are businesses you support on a regular basis, and your money is therefore reliable, and you start building relationships with our entrepreneurs.

Here are some dry cleaners I found across the country. 

I'm sure there are dozens more. 

If you know of one, support it! Then send the info to me, so I can add the business to my list. (Please be sure to right 'Dry Cleaner' in the Subject Line.)

Atlanta, Bronx, Charlotte, Contra Costa County (CA), Essex County (NJ), Hampton, Los Angeles, Miami,  Philly, Prince George County (MD)

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