June 2015. The Rapidian.covers Maggie Anderson's visit with The Empowerment Tour. Read the story here.

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 Kansas State University. See the article in "The Collegian" here

February 2014 - Wall Street Journal picked up coverage of Maggie Anderson's visit to Cincinnati. See the article here on WSJ.com. 

 Claflin University. See the "Charleston Chronicle" article here

 Feb 2017 - Houston's annual "Black Leadership Forum" is a Black History Month event uniting professional, civic, academic, faith and rights organizations. This year,  hosted by the Greater Houston Black Chamber (GHBC), Maggie keynoted to rally Houston around supporting its businesses and to teach Black business' historic greatness. See the Black Enterprise story here

August 2014 - C-SPAN covers Maggie Anderson's address during Women of Color Empowerment Conference. 

To see her address, click here .  

 Dec 2016 - Black Enterprise covers the announcement of MaggiesList.com.  See story, here.

March 2012 - Live Interview with Suzanne Malveaux about the empowerment message of "Our Black Year". See the CNN interview here.

July 2016 - Maggie Anderson opines on the community's economic response to series of Black deaths caused by White police. 

For the NBC News story, click here.

August 2016 - Joyce Rosenberg, AP business writer asks Maggie Anderson why it's hard to support Black-owned businesses.  Maggie explains that the story is not how hard it is - but how important it is. See the article being picked up across the world here (on ABC News).

December 2015 - TV One's "NewsOne Now ​with Roland Martin".  Click here.

February and May 2014 - TEDx Baltimore and TEDx Grand Rapids - Topics were "The Empowered Community" and "My Black Year".  Click the links below to see the Baltimore  and Grand Rapids speeches which was broadcast to the world.

March 2012 - C-SPAN presents Washington Post' s senior political correspondent, Krissah Thompson's, hour-long talk with Maggie Anderson.  To check for re-airs or see the video on C-SPAN, click here.

 January, February 2016 - Dr. Martin Luther King and Black History Month Addresses. 

February - May 2016 - BET Honors Maggie Anderson as one of the "16 Most Fascinating Women to Watch in 2016."

​​Click here for the BET/ Centric video .                                                                             Click here for the article in Upscale Magazine. 

March 2012 - Huffington Post talks about Black economic power and conscious consumerism as it reviews Anderson's "Our Black Year".  See the Huffington Post story here.

 Dec 2017 - Editor Alfred Edmond shares Maggie's "power shopping" tips for conscious consumers in Black Enterprise.  Click here.

April 2012 - Alfred Edmond, editor in chief of  Black Enterprise magazine, reviews "Our Black Year".  To read the story and review, click here.

February 2012 - "Tavis Smiley Show". Click here to listen to the interview with Tavis Smiley. 

​               November 2015 - Front page of New York Times Business section.  Click here for the full article.

July 2012 - "PBS Newshour" spent a day with the Anderson family. "See the PBS NewsHour segment here.

June 2015 - Rolling Out interview about Maggie Anderson the activist, leader, mother, wife and entrepreneur. Read it here.

June 2015 - Centric TV profiles Maggie Anderson.  See the article here.

October 2012 - Ford Hall Forum - Host to speakers like Maya Angelou, Malcolm X. See the compelling community discussion, with  sociologist on race and the wealth gap, Thomas Shapiro here.

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August 2016 - Famed journalist, Beat Soldermann, of the largest network in Switzerland, SRF,  spent a day with Maggie in Chicago to see why Black businesses need support and America's racially divided economy. For story and video,  click here. For radio, click here

July 2009, The year of The Empowerment Experiment - "CBS Morning News" - Listen to John and Maggie Anderson explain and defend their stand and study living off the businesses of their community. Read the story and watch the interview here.

January 2012 - "Tom Joyner Morning Show" - Listen to the launch of the "Our Black Year" national book tour from the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" with Tom Joyner and Roland Martin interviewing author Maggie Anderson. Read the story and hear the interview here.

December 2015 - Essence magazine'. See the interview here.

February 2012 - The Washington Post's TheRoot.com spent a day with the author.  To read the story, click here.

August 2016 - The Empowerment Experiment resulted in a landmark Kellogg study that proved how a million jobs can be created by a small increase in support of Black owned businesses. NBC News features the Anderson's study and activism to prove why supporting these businesses can fix America's economy. See it here.

February 2012 - BET.  See the BET story here.